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iSchool is the First Largest online Coding platform in the MENA Region to provide technological education for student around the world aged between 6 to 18 years old

#1 MENA Region Coding Platform for kids.

Welcome to iSchool

All the details you need to know to start your kids’ Coding journey are below !

One of our shiny students, meet the programmer "Moaaz Moustafa" who will tell you more about his project.

Learning outcomes

1. Learn Html

2. Learn Css

3. Learn Javascript

4. Intro to mobile application

5. Create mobile application using flutter

6. Learn native apps and hybrid apps (cross-platform)

7. Learn Dart (flutter’s programming language)

8. Learn about syntax errors and how to fix them

9. intro to unity

10. create 3d game using unity

11. intro VR & Ar

12. Difference between AR & VR

13. Transfer Game to AR

iSchool achieved numbers you may want to know




Students' Projects


Learning Hours


Lines of Code

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