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About iSchool

iSchool is providing trending technology education programs for 6 to 18 years old students helping them learn and create careers in the fields of programming, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, electronics and more, via online/offline interactive sessions.

In September 2018, iSchool was announced as the most innovative and impacting education technology startup in Egypt, winning 1st place award at Biznex investment exhibition for emerging companies.



Mohammed Gawish

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Ibrahim Youssef

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Mohamed Nabil

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Mostafa Abd El Moniem

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Creating a new generation of innovative leaders has always been our vision from day one. We are glad that iSchool is leading the field of STEAM education in the MENA region, offering students new way to develop careers, ideas, and startups.



AGES: 6-8

Junior Coding Program

Essential for the early development of logic and language skills.

This program offers a clear understanding of computers and the basics of coding for your kids, which will help them develop a solid appreciation of how these technologies work and will change their view of the world!

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Young Developers Program

This age range is great to start learning. In this program, students will learn professional computer coding languages such as Python and JavaScript, and also will learn the solid foundations of game development via game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

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The ideal age to start learning how to code!

AGES: 9-12

AGES: 13-18

Teen Programmers Program

Best choice for older kids!

If your kids build a solid foundation now, they will have an easier time later, by joining this program your kids will be able to build a strong portfolio of advanced projects that will help them excel in college and the job market. 

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